12 Interesting 'Hunter x Hunter' Fan Theories

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Hunter x Hunter is considered one of the best shonen anime of all time. Its amazing worldbuilding, intriguing characters, and crazy fight scenes have made the series a favorite among the anime community. Given that the manga's original run began in 1998, Hunter x Hunter has been around for a while. And it's still ongoing (despite its many infamous hiatuses). Therefore, it's not surprising that many fan theories have come out of its long run. If you're in need of some interesting HxH content to keep you busy until the manga returns from its hiatus, then you're in luck. 

Here are some of the best HxH fan theories on the Internet, ranked by your votes. This list explores some of your most burning questions about the series and sheds light on unique theories that might not have crossed your mind. Is Hisoka actually on the Black Whale? Is there someone else behind the Kurta Clan Massacre? Perhaps some of these theories might provide us with plausible answers. Vote up the fan theories that you think are the most convincing!

Warning: There are spoilers ahead if you are not caught up with the manga. 

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    Nanika Is Ai

    While it is heavily implied in Vol. 33 of the manga, this theory has technically not been confirmed yet. Ai is one of the Five Great Calamities that humanity met in the Dark Continent. Not much is known about this mysterious being except that it looks like a black, gaseous life form and has a "codependence of desire" according to its full title. At this point, it is highly probable that Nanika is Ai since their descriptions and traits are similar. The Vol. 33 extra also confirms that both Nanika and Ai originated from the Dark Continent. 

    Another theory poses that Zigg Zoldyck brought back Ai with him after his Dark Continent expedition with Chairman Netero. This is the reason why Ai (AKA Nanika) possessed Alluka Zoldyck.

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    Shizuku Will Be The Next Phantom Troupe Member To Die Based On Neon's Fortune

    Fieldo on Amino posted a theory about how Neon Nostrade's fortune in the "Yorknew City Arc" is absolute despite Chrollo stealing her ability. Once it is told, the future cannot be altered. This theory is intriguing as it claims that Shalnark's death was similar to his fortune in Yorknew. His fortune read, "Do not make any phone calls. When it matters most, you will be unable to reach anyone." And Shalnark dies right after his phone call with Chrollo. His phone is ringing just as Hisoka turns to kill him. Given that his death is eerily similar to his fortune, it's extremely likely that these fortunes reveal the Phantom Troupe's fates.

    And fans think Shizuku will die next since her fortune explicitly states that she will "find eternal rest in a room filled with black merchandise." Since the Troupe is on the Black Whale, it is likely that Shizuku will die in a room full of treasure or "black merchandise" on the ship. 

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    The Head Behind Tserriednich's Throne Is Pairo's Head

    In Chapter 349 of the manga, Prince Tserriednich is briefly shown sitting on his throne with a collection of Scarlet Eyes behind him. Already, this is a sign that sets up a future confrontation between him and Kurapika. But the real mystery of this panel is the ominous-looking, decapitated head behind him.

    Many fans believe that the head belongs to Pairo, Kurapika's late childhood friend. This theory is not implausible as Tserriednich already has the remaining Scarlet Eyes that Kurapika was searching for. And when Kurapika looks at a photograph of Tserriednich, he is reminded of Pairo. This foreshadowing hints at a dramatic showdown between their characters in the "Succession Contest Arc."

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    The Hunter Association Was Founded For The Purpose Of Traveling To The Dark Continent

    Redditor u/aguywiththeories posted a theory that the true origins and purpose of the Hunter Association was to travel to the Dark Continent. There are many references throughout the series that hints at how Hunters used to be in the past. Pariston argues with Ging that Netero would take on Beyond himself, adding that this type of action is reminiscent of what the Hunter Association used to be. 

    The theory poses two conclusions as to why the Association would travel to the Dark Continent: To hunt for Don Freecss or to produce capable travel groups who could survive the expedition and find treasure. The first conclusion would explain why they are given the name "hunters." The second option is more plausible as the Dark Continent is seen as a dangerous world where only the strongest could survive.

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    The Kurta Clan Originated From The Dark Continent

    Many fans online have pointed out that the Kurta Clan's traditional symbols bear a striking resemblance to the symbols found on the Dark Continent map such as their huts and birds. Plus, the infinity loop at the hem of Kurapika's robe looks like a symbol that references Lake Mobius and the gatekeeper's fate. 

    This reddit post also theorizes that long ago, a kingdom that used to be Meteor City ventured out to the Dark Continents and came across the Kurta Clan. In a battle for power, the Kurtas moved their fight to the Known World and destroyed the kingdom. This kingdom later became Meteor City and some clan members stayed back to live in the Known World as it was more peaceful. But they would have to live in hiding as they were enemies to this world. This theory also suggests that their true origins are connected to their massacre in an act of revenge by Meteor City.

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    Pariston Hill Played A Large Part In The Kurta Clan Massacre

    This intriguing fan theory will only make sense for those who have read the manga's oneshot "Kurapika's Memories." It follows the events before the Kurta Clan's massacre. In this oneshot, Kurapika and his childhood friend Pairo come across a mysterious lady named Sheila who's hurt her leg and asks them for water. Although they cannot understand her outsider language, she gives them her book about a Hunter in exchange for the water. Over the next few weeks, they secretly meet in a cave while she recovers from her injury. Sheila teaches both of them about the outside world which stirs Kurapika's curiosity to venture outside the clan. Sheila then mysteriously leaves without warning, only leaving them a note. 

    Some fans believe that there's more to Sheila's character and her purpose in the story. Why else would Togashi introduce this random character in a oneshot about the Kurta Clan? And her sudden disappearance is suspicious as well. Fans speculate that Sheila is found in the woods because she is searching for the Kurta Clan. She becomes close to Kurapika and Pairo in order to gain information from them. And the Hunter book she gives him contains a tracking device that would lead the Phantom Troupe to the clan. Now, here's where Pariston Hill comes into the mix.

    One fan on reddit theorizes that Pariston Hill, the Hunter Association's 13th Chairman, is actually Sheila in disguise. Not only do they look similar, but Sheila has rat ears while Pariston is the Rat Zodiac. The current "Succession Contest Arc" is also building up to Pariston and Kurapika's first meeting on the boat. Perhaps this is a hint that their relationship will serve as a much bigger plot point. If Sheila really is Pariston, then the theory holds true that Pariston played a part in the Kurta Clan Massacre.

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