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18 True Stories of Hunters Who Became the Hunted

For many, hunting is a way of life. For others, hunting is just a sport. Regardless of the motivation, the activity can be dangerous. When placing yourself in the great outdoors - an animal's domain - anything can happen, and things can go wrong. And sometimes, things can turn tragic.

We've rounded up a list of hunting trips gone wrong. The following are horrifying stories of animals killing hunters, animals that hurt hunters while in pursuit, and hunters forced to fight for lives.These are 17 true stories of hunters who became the hunted.
  • Brazilian Anteaters Kill Two Hunters

    Anteaters have been the cause of two separate fatal attacks on hunters in Brazil. In 2012, a 47-year-old hunter was hunting with his two sons when they cornered the animal with a knife. The anteater stood up on its hind legs, grabbed the hunter, and injured his arms and legs. The man bled to death at the scene.

    In 2010, a 75-year-old man was killed by an anteater in a similar attack. The anteater cut the man's femoral arteries, killing him quickly
  • Deer Hunter Attacked by Deer

    Shawna Hoekstra was hunting a deer in Kent County, Michigan, when it turned on her. Thinking the deer had been wounded and died, Hoekstra followed it into the woods. However, the deer wasn't dead; it lunged at her and pinned her to the ground. The woman struggled for 30 minutes until help arrived and put the deer down.
  • Deer Fights for Its Life Against Hunter

    In Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin, a 75-year-old bow hunter shot a female deer with an arrow. While he was walking through the brush to follow her, the deer bucked him in the leg with her head.

    The man was rushed to the hospital with several injuries.

  • Hunter Trampeled to Death by Elephant

    Ian Gibson was hunting for elephants in Zimbabwe when the ginormous animal charged at him. A bull elephant trampled Gibson to death after he managed to shoot it once. His death was described by a hunting website as being very graphic. Another hunter at the scene was unharmed.