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These Incredible Animal Rescue Stories From Hurricane Harvey Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

Hurricane Harvey already looks to become one of the worst disasters in American history, and human lives make up only a fraction of those affected by the storm and historic rainfall. Animals saved in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey never stood a chance on their own, and deserve as much attention as any life affected by this awful tragedy. As evidenced by before-and-after rescue dog pictures, any species appreciates and benefits from a bit of compassion, and the victims of Harvey, human or otherwise, warrant yours. Since many of these poor critters got left behind by their families, which actually constitutes a crime, they will likely continue to face adversity even long after this tragedy subsides.

The Hurricane Harvey animal rescues below highlight the remarkable rescue efforts and risks being undertaken in areas ravaged by hurricane damage and high floodwater. Organisms of various types, from birds to bats to an armadillo, all benefited from the good grace of the brave souls out doing their best to save lives. Animal rescues, like animal prosthetics, may not be something you think about every day, but when you do, it does put a little warmth in your heart.