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People Are Starting To Believe An Insane New Conspiracy About Hurricanes Irma And Harvey

Updated 12 Mar 2019 209.5k views10 items

It doesn't matter what topic you're researching - if you go down enough online rabbit holes, you'll find yourself reading a conspiracy theory about something. The most famous conspiracy theories concern whether or not man has been to the moon and whether the Illuminati controls pop stars. Many theories also regard the mysteries of the ocean

In the summer 2017, the devastation of hurricanes Irma and Harvey opened the floodgates for an often overlooked subset of the conspiracy world - hurricane conspiracy theories. These titans of the water, their foamy arms flailing with chaos as they rain destruction on everything in their path, arrived so close together in 2017 they must surely be the result of some nefarious government activity, Illuminati maneuvering, or corporate maleficence. 

Conspiracy theories attempting to make sense of the most destructive hurricanes have a lot of moving parts; there's a NASA conspiracy, HAARP makes multiple appearances, and there's even the possibility these so-called hurricanes aren't even happening. Get ready to rattle your noggin and delve into why so many people are questioning Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Harvey. 

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