The Hybrid Children Community Says It's Creating The Ultimate Human By Breeding With Aliens

A lot of women claim to have sex with ghosts. Their stories are strange, but some women take the oddity a few steps further. In fact, certain women purportedly have intercourse with aliens, after they are abducted by aliens, of course.

Many of these women join together too; their alien sex stories unite them. In fact, the Hybrid Children Community members want to mate with extraterrestrials and breed bi-species children. Some women claim to have already contributed to the cause. Now, HCC members evangelize and share their messages with the world.

It's hard to believe that aliens exist. It's even harder to imagine dozens of half breed alien babies running around, but the Hybrid Children Community insists that such things occur.

You decide if their beliefs are legitimate or not.


  • All Of The Hybrid Children Will Soon Come To Earth

    Hybrid Children Community members believe that their alien-sired offspring live on spaceships. The mothers don't raise their respective children, but they don't mind. In fact, the organization believes that the kids will come live on Earth in the near future. The mixed-species offspring will then assimilate to human culture, eventually helping the race ascend to a higher frequency of existence.  

    In 2014, the HCC actually estimated that the first group of hybrid children would come to Earth in five to 15 years. The children should begin to appear in 2019 at the earliest. 

  • The Women Claim That Alien Intercourse Is The Best Ever

    In interviews, Hybrid Child Community co-founder Bridget Nielsen and organization member Aluna Verse happily recount their intimate alien encounters. Both women make the same claims. Lizard-like aliens abducted them and took them aboard spaceships.

    Nielsen calls the sex "super primal, super raw." Apparently, it's the best she ever had. Allegedly, she has 10 hybrid children thanks to the coupling.

    Verse's sexual encounter happened in classroom environment; many people watched. She claims to have three hybrid children.

  • The Hybrid Children Exist On A Different Frequency

    Hybrid Children Community members believe that their hybrid children live in a different frequency in another dimension. Since the children are in a totally inaccessible place, communication occurs primarily through dreams. The human parents teach their descendants about the human race during these dream sessions.

    Mothers can also tune into their hybrid children's frequencies by coloring a symbol. A triangle must be drawn with another upside down triangle inside of it. Different color triangles allow for different types of communication with the children.

  • The Community Gets Guidance From A Multi-Dimensional Being

    The teachings of Bashar are referenced throughout the Hybrid Children Community website. HCC members insist that they are not affiliated with this being, but they do provide a link to his website. Supposedly, Bashar assists people with their journeys toward higher frequencies. He also answers questions about hybrid children. 

    Bashar claims to be a multi-dimensional being channeled by Darryl Anka. The being can travel in time, too. The HCC claims that Bashar is part of the alien race that breeds with humans.

    In fact, the being also speaks about five alien races that transcend many dimensions and realities.

  • The Aliens Are Connected To The 1997 Phoenix Lights

    In Phoenix, AZ, a strange phenomenon occurred. Hundreds of people in the Phoenix and Mexico areas saw a large V-formation of lights in the sky over the span of hours. 

    Many people claimed to see an extraterrestrial aircraft attached to or behind the lights. But a nearby Air Force base claimed that an aircraft dropped flares, creating the movement and light. Officials denied any alien activity.

    Hybrid Children Community members refute the Air Force, though. They said that the Phoenix Lights were actually just the spaceship that their aliens flew.

  • There Are Actually Five Hybrid Races Of Aliens

    According to the Hybrid Children Community website, there are five different races of human and alien hybrids (not including the newest wave of hybrid descendants). Three of those races are yet unnamed.

    Allegedly, the Shalinaya race traveled on the Phoenix Lights, making first contact with Earth. The Sassani race will be the third group to make contact. 

    The newest hybrid children are called Freelancers; they travel on the ship with the Shalinaya aliens, awaiting their Earth arrivals.

    Supposedly, all of the races will make contact by 2025.