Quit Horsin' Around And Check Out These Hysterical 'Red Dead Redemption 2' Tweets  

Ryan Carlquist
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Red Dead Redemption 2 will serve as a groundbreaking milestone for Rockstar Games, one they'll have to measure up against when they finally deliver Grand Theft Auto 6. It set the record for the biggest opening weekend for an entertainment product (Avengers: Infinity War included) and has been receiving heaps of praise from reviewers. All that said, the game isn't perfect, and players are starting to see the mistakes that plague this incredible masterwork. Whether they be game-breaking bugs or horse-related mishaps, players seem to be having a lot of fun with these immersion-shattering setbacks. 

With the internet being the amazing and brutal place that it is, we've been gifted countless Red Dead Redemption 2 tweets at which to gawk. Gamers will need something cheery after their in-game horses decide to off them via a mid-stroll temper tantrum. 

Sorry Honey, This Horse Isn't Going To Break Itself (It Might)


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Make Way For The Game Of The Year


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It Was Just A Warning Shot


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Nothing Will Stand In The Way Of Me And My New Hat


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