Jobs People Reveal Their Biggest 'I Don't Get Paid Enough For This' Moments At Work  

Ashley Reign
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Ever had one of those moments at work when you're faced with a situation that seriously makes you consider quitting? No matter the industry, it seems no one is safe from being expected to go above and beyond their pay grade every now and then. Here you'll hear employee horror stories from the people of Reddit, who exposed their "I don't get paid enough for this" moments to the world. Be forewarned that some are not for the faint of heart, while others will just make you feel a lot better about your own job, no matter how mediocre. While you're at it, you might learn a lesson in how not to be the villain of someone else's Reddit thread.

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Avoid Resembling This Woman In Any Way

From Redditor/ u/ sprite_is_spicy:

An old (racist) lady wanted me to count out the number of seeds in her tomato slices that I put on her sandwich. I say racist cos she said I probably didn’t know how to count in English and proceeded to aggressively count for me for and had me point to each seed.

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If You Must Vomit, At Least Aim

From Redditor/ u/CityoftheMoon17: 

Used to work as a dental nurse. First patient of the friggen day, bloke said he felt sick after having a local anaesthetic. He looked it. I grabbed the bin and told him if he needed to vomit, take the bin. He held it in his lap and turned, vomiting down the side of the chair and all over my pants and shoes. Of course I had to clean it up and of course they wouldn't let me go home to change.

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Your Job Should Never Cost You Your Life

From Redditor/ u/SteakAndNihilism:

I worked in SROs (Single Room Occupancy) in the middle of the roughest part of my city. I frequently have to identify drug dealers, report them, get them banned, and then enforce the ban. I get threatened by them a lot, usually just with fists or knives. I don't mind that so much, if they come at me with a knife then the cops actually bust them and then they're out of my hair for good.

Well, one guy just kind of laughed at me and said I'd regret it if I kept getting in his way. Which people say, though usually more aggressively, and I don't put much stock into it. Then he gave me his name and just told me to google him.

Turns out he's the son of one of the more violent crime families in the area. They're connected to like 40 targeted killings, and a lot of them are guys like me getting gunned down in parking lots.

At that point I backed the f*ck off. $20 an hour is not enough to fight the f*cking mob.

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Realize You'll Lose Very Little Customer Traffic During Blizzards And Blackouts

From Redditor/ u/DealyMcDealerson:

I was forced to go into work when the office was closed and there was a blackout and a blizzard. They literally had one floor running on a generator just for me and my team.

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