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I, Frankenstein Movie Quotes

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"I, Frankenstein" movie quotes bring the classic story of Frankenstein back to the big screen for a new feature film. Using the graphic novel and original screenplay written by Kevin Grevious, Stuart Beattie wrote and directed the fantasy action film. "I, Frankenstein" opened in the United States on January 24, 2014.

In "I, Frankenstein," Aaron Eckhart portrays Adam Frankenstein, the son/creation of scientist Dr. Victor Frankenstein. Created roughly 200 years earlier, Adam finds himself in a dystopian present where he is caught between two sides engaged in an epic war for power and control.

While the gargoyles are trying to recruit him to join their side, demon leader Naberius (Bill Nighy) is trying to use the animation method that brought Adam to life to create an army of other beings that will fight on his side of the war. Adam realizes that he is a special being who could change the direction of the war entirely, and with the help of Terra (Yvonne Stragovski), he could do just that.

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    I Am Like None Other

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    Adam: "I was given life 200 years ago. I am like none other."

    Adam Frankenstein briefly explains his existence. He was animated by his father, Dr. Victor Frankenstein, 200 years ago. While he appears to be human, he is much different.
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    I'm a Monster

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    Adam: "I'm a monster."
    Terra: "You're only a monster if you behave like one."

    Adam is down about himself, calling himself a monster. But as Terra reminds him, he does not have to be defined as a monster, unless he wants to behave like one.
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    You Could Use Those Gifts

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    Ophir: "You have strength and speed and stamina, far beyond that of any human. You could use those gifts in a war that you're already a part of."

    Ophir tries to convince Adam that he would be an asset to whichever side of the ongoing war that he could choose to join. Adam's unique characteristics make him a key player in this battle.
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    I, Frankenstein

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    Adam: "I, descender of the demon hoard, I, my father's son, I, Frankenstein, I am out there fighting to defend you."

    Adam speaks about his beginnings and what he is currently doing with his life. He came from demons, was created by his father and is now intent on defending the good guys.
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