I Saw 100 Bands in 2018 and Ranked Them

My name is Clark, the founder of Ranker. ("Hello, Clark."). I rank stuff - I can't help it. And I see a lot of live music. 

As far as "live music year grades" go, even with sooo many shows I would only give my 2018 concert-year a B-, and only that high due to quantity. For example my 2015 concerting (the only other year I saw this many shows) featured a lot more A+ longtime road monsters, some of whom sadly have hung it up for good. Also 2018 didn't include any spectacular one-of-a-kind shows and because of the state of rock music in todays pop culture, there just wasn't much "hearing a big artist starting to break or at their peak" edge to the live shows I caught (Jack White excepted). Still, there is always great music to be seen, and living in LA where so many great artists are based is a privilege I don't take for granted. 

A few things to note, before you start bitching that I'm missing Kanye or whomever. I don't really listen to pop, hip-hop, or contemporary R&B or EDM (those Coachella / Bonnaroo / Lollapalooza ships have sailed for me these days, sadly). I don't just listen to rock music, but I generally feel that the popular music of this decade is way too overproduced for my tastes. 

I've seen over 2000 live performances. I don't go see bands I don't already like, so if someone ranks low on this list or if I'm saying "negative" things, it's in a different context than a typical reviewer-type who is paid a salary to write about whatever music they are assigned and who has to cover the popular artists of the day. If I like a band, I will usually see them numerous times over their career (you will see some repetition in the top 20 or so here as a result), so my commentary is from that perspective, often comparing a performance to other times I've seen the band. If bands mix up their setlists I may catch them multiple times on a tour, as you will see.  Yes many of the pics are blurry - they were all taken by me, from my spot watching the show, often not right in front of the band. I barely understand the camera settings in my phone, don't have photo passes to gigs and am not "professionally" reviewing these shows. I do this for fun, and to remember the show where I saw it.