20 of the Best "I Wasn't That Drunk" Texts

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Have you ever woken up after a night of drinking unable to remember your 80 proof-antics from the night before? Sometimes when you aren’t sure exactly what happened, playing it cool seems like the best idea. At least, that is, until one of your more lucid friends steamrolls your claims of "I wasn’t that drunk" by recalling one of your more embarrassing exploits. A really good friend will even reassure you that your most shameful moment is forever branded into everyone's memory but your own. 

These funny drinking texts recall with humiliating clarity the adventures of over-indulgent drinkers everywhere, who had momentarily dared to hope for the best. Below, you’ll find their claims of having it mildly together the night before utterly dashed by their friends’ all too clear memories of their drunken escapades. 

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