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READ iAm: 10 things i am  

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not in any order. like me.

A mommy

i've got one here (2003) and two there (2006 and 2011).

A wife

married once before (young and stupid - me, that is, not him). i must have gotten smarter because i'm still married to this one and i'm convinced he's the right one. apparently he thinks so too.

A geek

obviously. programmer, fact finder, painfully accurate, can't tell when you're joking, don't care about others' opinion. your typical nerd. i mean what i say and if i'm wrong i admit it - IF it's proven.

A skeptic

yes, i actually do require proof to change my mind on a fact. not opinions, those i'm on my own for. but when i do believe something, i end up acting on it.