Pictures That Prove Patrick Stewart And Ian McKellan Are The Internet's Best BFFs

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On screen they appear as mortal foes, but in real life Sir Ian McKellan and Sir Patrick Stewart are celebrity BFFs of the highest order. The friendship between Ian McKellan and Patrick Stewart, who both boast legendary theatrical and sci-fi careers, makes fans on the internet go wild. Cherished as two of Britain's finest actors, McKellan and Stewart are as much beloved by each other as they are the rest of the world, a quality that makes their companionship so enjoyable to watch. Ian McKellan and Patrick Stewart's hilarious friendship deserves recognition as one of the best duos of all time; sometimes they act together, sometimes they eat together, and sometimes they even go to Comic Con together.

Few companionships in the world measure up to this friendship, and pictures of Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan hanging out prove this to be true. More than anything, celebrity BFFs Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan showcase the wonderful ways pop culture merges together. Whenever someone tells you something is "impossible," remind them that Jean-Luc Picard and Gandalf the Grey managed to transcend entire universes to take selfies together. This is the utopia Patrick Charles Xavier always wanted.