All Of Ice Cube's Movies, Ranked

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With more than 1,800 movie fans having their say, this list of the best Ice Cube movies is an essential resource for anyone looking to explore the career of one of hip-hop's most influential figures. From his early days as a member of NWA to his current status as a Hollywood heavyweight, Ice Cube has enjoyed a long and successful career in show business.

The best Ice Cube movies are those that highlight his unique blend of humor and social commentary that have earned him legions of devoted fans around the world. Whether it's playing hard-nosed police officers or wisecracking stoners, he always manages to deliver hilarious performances with just enough edge to keep viewers on their toes. Of course, no discussion about Ice Cube would be complete without mentioning classic hood films like Friday and Boyz n The Hood.

No matter what you think about Ice Cube’s music or political views, there’s no denying that he is one helluva actor. So why not take a few minutes out your day and browse through our ranked list?

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