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The 26 Most Unforgettable Last Words of Iconic Movie Villains

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There are endless iconic villains in the world of cinema, especially ones with even more memorable bits of dialogue. However, it can be argued that the last words of movie villains are the true window into their soul. If the antagonist has been bested at the last moment, their last words could be that of surprise. Or perhaps they regret the path they have chosen and their final speech could be more remorseful.

In a few cases, a villain doesn’t even have to bite the dust for it to be considered their last words. For instance, if the last thing they did was somewhat of a sinister notion, you can see how that foreboding feeling they’ve left us with can have just as much of an impact. Either way, from all of the above to everything in between, we’ll be taking a look at those villains that had the most iconic last words.

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    The Joker - 'The Dark Knight'

    Photo: The Dark Knight / Warner Bros. Pictures

    “I took Gotham's white knight and I brought him down to our level. It wasn't hard. You see, madness, as you know, is like gravity. All it takes is a little push!”

    Heath Ledger’s Joker brings a great deal of genius to this manic supervillain, and this is demonstrated at its best in the final act of The Dark Knight. After having his plot foiled by Batman, the Joker may not have had the chance to show Gotham how crazy they all are, but he wouldn’t be the Joker, without having something up his sleeve. Instead he reveals that his ace in the hole was in fact the influence he had on Harvey Dent’s descent into madness. This movie doesn’t hide the fact that it took a lot of inspiration from Alan Moore’s Graphic Novel, The Killing Joke, but this last bit of dialogue is definitely a nice nod.

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    John Doe - 'Seven'

    Photo: Seven / New Line Cinema

    "Oh...! He didn't know."

    Carrying out murders in the style of the seven deadly sins, the climax of Seven sees the sin of "envy" belonging to the movies antagonist John Doe. The manner in which he chose to provoke Mills (Pitt) to unleash the final sin of "wrath" was unsettling enough. But, even after cutting off his wife’s head, what was more disturbing was Doe’s last words which are accompanied by a delighted expression, when he realizes he was the one that got to tell Mills that his wife was pregnant.

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    Roy Batty - 'Blade Runner'

    Photo: Blade Runner / Warner Bros. Pictures

    “I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser gate. All those moments will be lost in time... like tears in rain... Time to die.”

    In a movie that redefined not just sci-fi, but cinema in general, we see the main replicant, Roy Batty, on his way out. His last words seem to sum up man, machine, life, and death in a poem. A scene which could be argued to have the most impact out of the entire movie, but what makes it even more outstanding, is that Batty’s poem was written by actor Rutger Hauer himself, who took the initial words written in the script, making them more concise, and without a doubt, more beautiful.

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    Hans Gruber - 'Die Hard'

    Photo: Die Hard / 20th Century Fox

    "Oh, yes. What was it you said to me before? 'Yippie-ki-yay, motherf*cker.'"

    Hans Gruber is probably one of the most famous movie villains of all time. He’s most memorable for the manner in which he punches his ticket. He uses John McClane’s wife as his hostage in their final showdown and he definitely thinks he has the upper hand when he mocks John with a phrase previously used against him earlier in the film.

    The smarmy expression on his face when he utters these words, adds brilliant contrast to that of utter fear when he falls to his doom, creating an overall scene that lives on in cinematic history.

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