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Iconic Roles That Nobody Else Should Ever, Ever Play

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List RulesVote up the performances that are so great, no one else should even try them again.

Imagine someone other than Reese Witherspoon as Elle Woods, or Tom Hanks as Forrest Gump. It’s impossible because those are two actors perfectly cast in movie roles. Can you see another actor besides Danny DeVito stepping into the role of Louie De Palma, or Jack Donaghy not being played by Alec Baldwin? 

There are just a handful of movie and television roles so iconic that they could only be played by one person. Several actors have put on the Batsuit or donned Superman’s red cape, but no one could ever replace Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man. 

Which performances are so perfect that it would be blasphemous if they were played by another actor? Vote up the most iconic roles that nobody else should ever play.