Here's What The Ideal Beauty Standards For Men And Women In The 1920s Looked Like

American fashion in the 1920s helped set men and women free. After decades of conforming to Victorian-era styles, women moved towards a more modern look. While in decades past they squeezed themselves into form-fitting corsets and other undergarments, fads and trends from the 1920s went the opposite direction. Female shoppers no longer accentuated their curves – they hid them. The hourglass figure was out; boyish slimness was in. And 1920s hair and makeup changed dramatically, too; short bobs and bold cosmetics became the must-have look of this new era.

Men's fashion was less fluid, but they too embraced 1920s trends and fads. They wore long overcoats and fur (just like women), and relied on custom slim-fitted suits. As for personal flair, that came in the form of hats and accessories. The ideal male physique of the time was slender – all the better for showing up on camera.

The ideal beauty standards for men and women continued to evolve and change throughout the 20th century. Nevertheless, the Jazz Age provides a particularly fascinating glimpse into a distinctive moment in American style.