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Your Ideal Pet According To Your Zodiac Sign

Updated 12 Feb 2018 103.1k views12 items

Getting a pet isn't a decision you should make on a whim. There are lots of factors to consider, like whether you have the time and resources to take care of an animal, if the people you live with are OK with an animal in the house, and what the best pets for your sign are. The movement of the stars influences everything from the nail polish you should wear to which Disney princess's personality matches up best with your sign, so it shouldn't come as a surprise the stars also help show you what your ideal pet according to your zodiac sign is.

You may think you want a dog, but will a pup fit in with your astrological personality? Or maybe your sign is telling you to get an animal you wouldn't have even considered, like a snake. If you feel like you need an animal in your life, check out these zodiac sign pet matches. 

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