Weird Nature Hilarious Sketch Imagines What Would Happen If Cats Could Buy Real Estate  

Mick Jacobs

The Internet loves to humanize cats, the Web's unofficial mascot. In the video below, one sketch troupe decided to take that idea further and explore what would happen if cats could buy real estate.

While you probably never considered this type of scenario prior to this sketch, after viewing it you too will ponder how your puss would feel about getting into the market. After all, they already care so much about their territory as is.

If it were up to your cats, they would also likely make these decisions without your input. Because when you think about it, your cat rarely wants to include you in other activities anyway. They prefer their solitude.

Watch the sketch below to get an idea of what is definitely going through your cat's head every single day. When you finish, you might just consider letting your cat have more of a say in your home's layout.