Graveyard Shift

If Horror Villains Were Transported To Other Movie Worlds, Ranked By Their Chances Of Surviving

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Horror villains have it easy: They know the worlds they inhabit like the back of their machete-wielding hand - but what would happen if they ended up in unfamiliar territory? We've seen crossovers like Freddy vs. Jason, but the worlds of those two creepy killers are far too similar to put either of them out of their respective elements. 

Wouldn't it be more fun if a horror icon like Jigsaw or Pamela Voorhees was thrust into a world where they were completely out of their depth? Would they adapt and evolve their methods of murder? Become a victim themselves? Or worst of all, be forced to live a semi-normal life in a new universe?

It's up to you to decide which horror villains would thrive in the world of another movie and which ones would lose their mojo.