Crimes You'd Commit (If You Could Get Away With It)

In the land of the law-abiding citizen, bank robberies and museum capers are mere daydreams. But what if there were no repercussions? What if you could commit some of these easy crimes and never be tried or punished for them? What would YOU do if you could get away with it? And no, we don’t mean stalking celebrities or burning down your ex-girlfriend’s house. No murdering rampages or infringements on other innocent human beings’ personal space. That’s just creepy.

What if you could rig the lottery and never have to work another day in your life? Better yet, what if you created a flawless mint that produced phony money? Or maybe you just want to walk down the street and smoke your joint in public. Everyone has their own fantasy when it comes to breaking the law, so read through this list of crimes many of us would commit if only we wouldn’t end up in the slammer.

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    1,102 votes

    Rig The Lottery

  • 2
    984 votes

    Speed On The Road

  • 3
    993 votes

    Counterfeit Money

  • 4
    373 votes

    Sneak Into Area 51

  • 5
    560 votes

    Enter The 'Authorized Personnel Only' Area

    Come on.. What really goes on behind that door.
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    490 votes