If You Had To Be Trapped In An Elevator With Any Celebrity, Who Would You Choose?

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Vote up the people you'd be okay being trapped in a 6 x 7 foot box with.

For most, even the idea of being trapped in an elevator can induce a fit of claustrophobia - and, frankly, most people would prefer to get in and out of those metal sweat boxes as quickly as possible. However, being stuck inside an elevator with a celebrity is a different matter entirely. Maybe even a dream come true? That enclosed space could allow for some serious bonding time with one's favorite (or least favorite) personality.  

The Ranker audience gathered together to share their dream scenario for the classic "stuck-in-an-elevator" hypothetical. Some wished to spend some quality time with a celebrity they admire, while others wished for the chance to be the only thing standing in the way of a star they loathe and a grim end. 

Vote up the celebrity elevator scenarios you wish you could live through, and vote down the predicaments you'd rather to avoid. 

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