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The Real Meanings Behind the Funniest IKEA Names

Updated November 6, 2017 7.8k views16 items

When you’re walking through IKEA, you’re probably thinking one of two things: “How do I get out of here?” or “What do all these super weird names mean?” Unfortunately, we don’t have a map for your local IKEA, but we did figure out the meaning of IKEA names.

According to IKEA, the odd names for their products come from Ingvar Kamprad (the store’s founder) being dyslexic and needing a code to classify all of the products. Which is a better reason than “It’s my store and I call beds what I want.” To help you impress your friends on your next trip to the Swedish retailer, we’ve put together this list of the real meanings behind the funniest IKEA names.

When you find out what IKEA names mean it's like a lightbulb, or SPARSAM, goes on over your head. The store’s naming template is so simple that it reinforces the Danish economic lifestyle in ways that you didn’t think possible. Some of the IKEA naming logic is totally on point: desks and bookcases are named after occupations, and curtains usually have women’s names. So far so good. But when you start breaking down the meaning of what a mirror, or UNG DRILL, is called, you begin to see a clarity within the way words are formed that never existed before. Or maybe you’ll just start screaming UNG DRILL every time you see a mirror. Vote up the IKEA name you’ll remember the next time you buy bookcases (or a coffee table or shelves or...), and leave us a comment with your favorite IKEA product name.
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    The record collector's favorite piece of furniture actually means "shop assistant or clerk," which is an oddly prescient name for the bookcase that your roommate who exclusively listens to '90s screamo stocked up on when IKEA put it out to pasture in 2014

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    Once you realize that babies are basically slimy little worms that dissolve when you pour salt on them, it makes perfect sense that the name for IKEA's crib means "snail" in Swedish.
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    The ANRIK is IKEA's inexpensive and aesthetically pleasing coffee pot and its name means "rich in heritage." So if you like drinking locally sourced, shade grown, first generation, analog, bespoke coffee beans, you better drop some coin on an ANRIK. 

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    All the lighting options at IKEA have names that get their definitions from music, weight, chemistry, etc. And this single track rail, which sounds so cool when you call it a KVARTAL, actually means "quarterly" in Swedish.