Classic Teen Movies That Got Away With Not Explaining Major Things

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There are things that don't make sense in movies and then there are things that really don't make sense in movies, particularly in movies about teens. The nonsense is not just confined to holes in storylines, but also includes a frequent lack of consequences for characters in movies that would have totally derailed their happy endings or other plot elements in real life.  Even some of the best teen movies are guilty of this, like Sixteen Candles and Ferris Bueller's Day Off, to name a few. To some extent, bad logic in teen movies is a given: for example, tossing glasses and a ponytail on Rachael Leigh Cook, a professional model in real life, is not going to make her the ugly person she attempts to portray in She's All That. The examples don't stop there. What about the fact that Amanda Bynes's character misses two weeks of school with absolutely zero consequences in She's the Man? Those type of problems can really take a viewer out of the experience.

Here are some discrepancies in teen movies that are never explained. Sometimes they prove to be quite distracting, and hopefully if you hadn't noticed them before, finding them out now won't ruin any of your favorite memories. Vote up the ones that stick out like a sore thumb, and vote down the illogical moments in teen movies that don't really seem important enough to bug you.