21 Musicians Who Are (Supposedly) in the Illuminati

While numerous rappers and pop stars — people like Katy Perry, Jay-Z, and Lady Gaga— are alleged to be members of the Illuminati, there is a whole host of other artists with possible links to the Cabal, according to conspiracy theorists and Illuminati watchers. Some of the most important rock bands, country singers, songwriters, and artists of all time have perceived ties to Satan worship, the Occult, or the Illuminati.

Through their lyrics, artwork, images, personas, and actions, these legacy artists have brainwashed untold millions into doing Satan's bidding. Their songs are played on the radio, their albums routinely listed as the greatest of all time, and their concerts still sell out. But how do you stay relevant in the notoriously fast moving music industry, decade after decade?

You call on your masters in the Illuminati, of course. Here are 21 classic rockers, country stars, modern rockers, and big name bands who are alleged to be the preferred entertainment of the Judeo-Masonic-Communist conspiracy that runs everything.