Rappers In The Illuminati

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Famous rappers and hip hop artists suspected of being in the Illuminati

The Illuminati is a secret society of influential people who control all aspects of culture and society, from Capitol Hill to Hollywood. Many conspiracy theorists believe that the Illuminati manipulates various historical and social events to their liking, such as JFK's assassination, and hastening the New World Order via the entertainment industry. Many famous rappers and hip-hop stars are believed to be in the Illuminati. Some of these musicians are even believed to have been killed by the group for not cooperating with their agenda. 

The Illuminati is theorized to practice Satanic rituals, and incorporate various symbols into their occult practices. The most common Illuminati symbols are the All-Seeing Eye, the number "666," the Eternal Flame, the Ouroboros, the Pyramid, the Eagle, the Skulls, and the Diamond.

Who is the most famous Illuminati rapper? Eminem tops our list. Eminem has frequently incorporated Illuminati imagery into his album covers. He presented himself as a devil for his single "Berzerk" and he covered one eye on his cover of Relapse. Jay-Z has fully embraced the diamond hand sign of the Illuminati and he frequently encourages his fans to join him in "raising their diamonds." He also features occult phrases on his Rocawear clothing line.

It is believed that Tupac Shakur sold his soul to the Illuminati in order to have success. Once he had a public outlet, Shakur was able to speak about anything he wanted, even if it did not align with the Illuminati's vision. Many believe that Tupac's death was both a sacrifice and a way to quiet his objections to the powers that be.

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Photo: Rob Loud / Getty Images