Natural Disasters These Wildfire Photos From LA's Commute This Morning Are Terrifying And Apocalyptic  

Mick Jacobs
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In October 2017, Sonoma County wildfires in Northern California devastated the region, killing 40 people and damaging over 8,000 different homes and structures. On December 6, 2017, another fire ignited in Southern California, the Skirball Fire. Because of the fire's close proximity to Los Angeles, people posted photos of the Skirball Fire that they literally captured from their homes, their dorms, and even on their commute to work. Commuters passing the Skirball Fire on the 405 Freeway actually were heading to work in the midst of a massive conflagration, one which threatens thousands of homes and the Getty Museum. High winds in SoCal, along with the dry winter air, contributed to the blaze's rapid movement, allowing it to travel from San Bernardino all the way to Bel-Air. Apocalyptic pictures of the Skirball Fire show just how destructive this blaze became, and left many SoCal residents worrying about the state of their homes. It may not be one of California's worst wildfires, but it's caused enough damage to disrupt lives all across Southern California.

People Commuting To Work


The View From UCLA


The Bel Air Mountains From The 405


The Fire Threatens The Getty Museum