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People Share Stories Of Imaginary Friends That Were More Likely Ghosts

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It is pretty normal for children to have an imaginary friend that they talk to and play with. Eventually, with age, the imaginary friend disappears and becomes only a memory. But what if the friend isn't really imaginary, but a ghost that is just happy to have gained a new playmate? People on Reddit are sharing their stories of childhood imaginary friends that sound eerily similar to ghostly visitations. 

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    Imaginary Friend Looked Identical To Him

    From Reddit u/uwu_SenpaiSatan:

    So this is actually my story of when I was a kid. I had an imaginary friend named Derek who was a carbon copy of me. We were completely identical. I played with Derek for years, longer than what normal kids do. But he would always look at my mom and older sister with a sense of sadness.

    Eventually, he went away. 23 years later, I'm digging through my mom's safe to grab some paperwork she's kept for me, and I see a stillborn death certificate for a boy named Derek who shared my birthday.

    It was only then I found out I was actually a twin and my twin, Derek, died during birth. Creepy, right?

    Sounds like a ghost?
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    Imaginary Friend Picked Baby Up And Turned Off The Lights

    From Reddit u/professor_dog:

    Purple mommy. When my son was first learning to talk, he would tell us about something called "purple mommy." It could be an imaginary friend, but these details are a little bit creepy. Purple mommy is all purple with long hair and bright, all-white eyes (at the time, he mixed up purple with black, so he could have meant she was all black).

    Purple mommy picks him up at night and turns off the lights. We would often find my son out of his crib in the morning, which would mean him crawling over the railing and to the ground at a time when he was barely walking. Definitely found the lights in his room off a few times, too, even though he's terrified of the dark. Purple mommy needs a bandage because she has blood everywhere. Purple mommy has no smile, meaning a mouth. Purple mommy can take her head off. Purple mommy really doesn't like Daddy.

    He told us all of this stuff for maybe a year or a little more. If we ever asked where she was, he'd always point to the same spot. A corner of the room behind his open closet door. He would also wake up crying almost every night during this time. Once, during a really rough night, my wife went to ask him what's wrong, and his answer was, "Purple mommy won't let me sleep."

    Sounds like a ghost?
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    Imaginary Friend Stayed Around For Generations

    From Reddit u/eegreck:

    I talked to a boy named Kevin when I was a child. He came to visit me at my window every nigh, and we would play in my bedroom. Sometimes, he stayed in my house, too, instead of going back out the window. I very thoroughly described him to my parents before I grew up and no longer saw him.

    My brother and his family moved into our childhood home a few years back. Within the first month or so of living in my old bedroom, my three-year-old niece described Kevin to my brother exactly. To a tee.

    We've never told her, or any of the other kids, about Kevin.

    Previous to that, when I still lived in that house, my older niece asked us who the little boy in the hall was. She was the only child present. The hall is about a three-foot space between my old bedroom and my brother's old bedroom, and the bathroom. One space with three doorways. She was looking right into my room.

    Sounds like a ghost?
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    Imaginary Friend Lived In A Cemetery

    From Reddit u/LibriBot:

    My son, then about two or three, used to tell us about his imaginary friend, Johnny, who wore all green, including a green hat. One time, we were driving by the cemetery and my son pointed out the window and exclaimed, “That’s where Johnny lives.”

    He was very little and didn’t know what a cemetery was, so we explained to him that no one lives there, it’s a place for people who died. That’s when he told us that “Johnny was a soldier who died in a place called Nam."

    Sounds like a ghost?