These Are The Most Significant Historical Figures From Every State

Every state in the American union loves to boast its superlatives, from its most famous haunted houses to its most famous movie sets. The competition is great for tourism and trivia alike, and helps set each state apart from its 49 brethren. 

When it comes to most notable historical figures from each state, though, the details may surprise you. After all, famous historical figures aren't always associated with the state of their birth. For example, the famous Illinois senator-turned-president Abraham Lincoln wasn't actually born in Illinois at all, but Kentucky! Which state has produced the most silver screen figures? It’s not California. And what about beloved New England poet Robert Frost? He's actually from California.

Where historical figures were born doesn’t predict where they ended up in the annals of history but each state can claim someone of historical significance... even Rhode Island! Read on to see  which of America's states claim lauded historical people.