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The Most Important 'Game of Thrones' Character Deaths

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By now, we've all heard the maxim of HBO's Game of Thrones fandom - "Don't get attached to anyone, because they're probably on their way out." Major character deaths aren't just common on Game of Thrones, they're integral to the evolution of the story, and the more important a character is, the more important and game-changing their demise is sure to be.

The loss of characters in Game of Thrones has proven to be important to the series. Rising political leaders of Westeros are routinely bumped off to make way for hungrier competitors (or in some cases, just for revenge). In the heat of battle, brave warriors perish senselessly, often without dignity, and almost always without glory. In the world of Game of Thrones, everyone's head is up for grabs. When asking "who gets axed in Game of Thrones," the answer might as well be, "everyone."

Which demises were the most critical to the development of the series, and just how many characters have been struck down now, anyway? Vote up the most important, series-altering, notable deaths from GoT.

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