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15 Historical Figures We Didn't Learn About In School (But Definitely Should Have)

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Add these people to the list of historical figures you should know: an enslaved man who stole a Confederate ship and sailed to freedom, a woman whose cells helped create the polio vaccine, and a Founding Father who came up with "We the People." These unknown historical figures might have been forgotten by textbook writers, but they made significant contributions to the world. They overcame the odds, fought for civil rights, and even survived disasters to make a mark on history. 

Like forgotten influential politicians, these historical figures made important contributions in their eras, yet they've largely been ignored by schools today. Why were so many of these important figures forgotten? When schools only cover presidents and wars, we never learn about the everyday and extraordinary people who make history.

Weigh in on the historical figures you've never heard of that teachers should tell their students about in school.