Weird History

Mystics of Major Historical Importance

Some of history's most influential mystics have had a massive impact, while others have left barely a trace in the register of human events. Important or not, all mystics have one thing in common: they attempt to make contact with the afterlife, the dead, or with their personal concept of God.

Famous mystics tend to craft a system for reaching spiritual goals, but some came upon enlightenment or an important revelation by pure happenstance. It is common for notable mystics in history to begin their spiritual journey in a mainstream faith tradition, only to start their own movement after having major revelations. Some famous historical mystics began as common clergy, monks, nuns, or lay people. There is no road map for the life of a typical mystic: some adhere to strict disciplines and come up empty-handed, while others report success after just a few haphazard attempts to commune with great spiritual powers of the cosmos.

Some historically important mystics had many thousands, or even millions, of disciples; others had none. Another key concept about mysticism history is this: some of them have very bad reputations, and obviously got diverted from their original goal of finding light and goodness. Fortunately, benevolent mystics far outnumber those who drifted over to the dark side. Read on to learn about mystics of major historical importance.