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The Most Important Episodes Of 'New Girl'

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It’s difficult to pick the most important New Girl episodes. The beloved series aired for seven seasons and consists of 146 episodes, seamlessly making the transition from adorkable comedy to sitcom gold along the way. Thanks to a talented cast, some of the best episodes of New Girl take advantage of its ensemble's palpable chemistry instead of relying on Jessica Day’s goofy antics to engage audiences. 

Throughout its run, this show was one of the most consistently funny series on television, its uplifting nature due mostly to the strong bond between the five main characters. The really good New Girl episodes usually happen when everyone’s personality gets to shine as they struggle to settle into adulthood. Whether you’re partial to Schmidt’s over-enunciation, Cece’s scathing sarcasm, or Winston’s escalating weirdness with Ferguson, the top New Girl episodes will satisfy your expectations. 

The most important installments from this sitcom focus on the entire cast and feature game-changing moments, either for one particular character or for each individual story. When planning a re-watch, which of the titles listed below would be at the height of your binge list? Vote up the New Girl episodes that you believe are most meaningful to the series as a whole. And if you're looking for more quirky sitcoms, check out other good shows like New Girl!

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    'Five Stars For Beezus' (Season 6, Episode 22): Each Character Faces A Major Life Event

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    "Five Stars for Beezus" was almost the series finale, airing before the show was renewed for the final, seventh season. As a result, the episode has all the ingredients necessary to make viewers swoon. Nick and Jess get back together, Cece is pregnant, and Aly helps Winston reconnect with his father. 

    Each of the characters face one of their biggest fears, and some of them achieve long-awaited milestones. 

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    'Clean Break' (Season 4, Episode 22): Schmidt Proposes To Cece

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    In the season 4 finale, Coach prepares to move out and tries to make the break as clean as possible so he can avoid any unnecessary mushiness. Of course, that was never going to work as long as this group was involved.

    Even more important, Schmidt proposes to Cece, managing an excellent callback to Season 1 and softening the hearts of New Girl fans everywhere. Cece accepts, finally putting an end to the question of whether the unlikely couple will end up together. 

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    'Quick Hardening Caulk' (Season 2, Episode 19): The Two Main Romantic Pairings Both Take A Turn

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    "Quick Hardening Caulk" finally forces Nick and Jess to confront their kiss earlier in the season - deepening their relationship after a shouting match.

    Elsewhere, Schmidt becomes obsessed with acquiring a California lionfish which he thinks of as a rather obvious metaphor for Cece. When Cece gifts him the fish, he forces himself to come to terms with her marriage and set the aquatic animal free. 

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    'Cooler' (Season 2, Episode 15): Nick And Jess Kiss For The First Time 

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    Nick, Schmidt, and Winston leave Jess alone in the loft while they go out to pick up girls. When Jess hears weird noises, she urges them to return. The boys head home and they all decide to play a game of strip True American. 

    The game ends with Nick and Jess locked in a room, expecting to kiss, with everyone else cheering them on. Nick does everything humanly possible to avoid locking lips, explaining to Jess that he doesn't want their first kiss to happen because of a drinking game as he proceeds to climb out the window.

    At the end of the night, after everyone has gone to bed, Nick and Jess confront each other in the hallway and Nick finally pays off the big romantic build up viewers have been hoping for.

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