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The Most Important Episodes Of 'The Office'

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There are few things in life as critical as deciding which are the most important Office episodes - or what shows like The Office you're going to watch to fill the void it leaves when you finish. This groundbreaking comedy series brought office hijinks into the mainstream and it also gave viewers the gift of "that’s what she said." You probably have a favorite season of The Office and are aware of the episodes with the most cringe-worthy moments and the ones with the most emotional stories. But these are the most important episodes, the ones that defined the series. 

Over the course of nine seasons, The Office introduced us to some of the weirdest and most lovable characters in television history. Even The Office characters that didn’t get a lot of screen time inspired far out fan theories, while deskmates like Jim and Dwight changed us as people. Admit it, you never really thought about beets until Dwight brought them to your attention. If there was an episode of The Office that changed your life, it was probably one of these. (And if you're a fan of the British version, check out our list of the funniest episodes of The Office (UK).

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