The Most Important Politicians Of 2019

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Politicians who have significantly affected both global and US life and politics in 2019.

Voting is an integral part of any democracy. And now, you have the power to vote for the individuals you believe to be the most important politicians of 2019. 

The following politicians from around the globe impacted the world in a big way. Some have brought their people together while others have created divisions that could take decades to repair. Your rankings will show which political figures in 2019 you believe impacted their countries and the world at large the most. Whether that impact was good or bad is open to interpretation in many cases, but we want to know what you think. From famous (or infamous) American politicians to popular international political figures, these individuals are the most important politicians of 2019

While there are numerous famous American politicians in 2019 we are all familiar with, other world leaders are just as important. Angela Merkel transformed Germany's politics when she was elected to office in 2005 and helped the country thrive when the rest of the world suffered from an economic downturn, and she's showing no signs of stopping. Justin Trudeau, as the prime minister of Canada, lowered taxes for the middle class and provided more leave time for Canadians who wanted to look after ill family members. In this list, who do you think are the most important politicians. Feel free to add any polliticians you think have been highly influential in 2019. 

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