23 Should-Have-Been-Impossible Moments That Actually Happened

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There are moments, both large and small, that defy the odds. They shouldn't have happened and yet, despite the math, they did. As seen on the subreddit r/nevertellmetheodds, here are some of our favorite impossible moments. 

  • 1. Good Horse

    Good Horse
    Photo: u/MyNameGifOreilly / Reddit
    20,167 votes
  • 2. Close Call

    Close Call
    Photo: u/thompson_10 / Reddit
    24,107 votes
  • 3. Between Two Rocks

    Between Two Rocks
    Photo: u/FetchTheGuillotine / Reddit
    22,372 votes
  • 4. Close But No Scar

    Close But No Scar
    Photo: u/d1r1karsy / Reddit
    22,085 votes
  • 5. A Story With No Loose Ends

    A Story With No Loose Ends
    Photo: u/tw272727 / Reddit
    18,138 votes
  • 6. Close Call

    Close Call
    Photo: u/porkchop-sandwhiches / Reddit
    13,307 votes