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18 Anime Weapons That Are Impossibly Big

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One of the greatest things about anime it that it doesn't have to follow the rules of reality. Whether it's four-foot tall girls wielding swords bigger than them, or shy nerds somehow getting a harem of girls obsessed with them, anime doesn't play by the rules, man. Of course, this means that there are a lot of weapons in anime that are so huge, they would actually be a massive liability for anybody to wield in real life.

A minor quibble: giant robots don't count as weapons. What does count are the weapons wielded by giant robots which are still way too big.

Here are the most absurdly, improbably, and ridiculously big weapons in all of anime. This is going to be sweet. 

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    Dragonslayer From 'Berserk'

    Guts is the great-granddaddy of big dudes wielding bigger swords, and his chosen weapon looks the part. Huge, simple, and dangerous, this thing looks like it is ready to mess up somebody's day. Big time. Get it? 

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    Punisher Cross From 'Trigun'

    Photo: Madhouse

    Nicholas D. Wolfwood’s Punisher Cross is the Swiss Army knife of guns. You know, if instead of being portable, Swiss Army knives were the size of an adult person. In addition to being massive enough to use as a shield, the Punisher also contains a machine gun, a grenade launcher, and small armory of hand-held pistols. 

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    Kubikiribocho From 'Naruto'

    Photo: Studio Pierrot

    This humongous machete’s name roughly translates to the “Decapitating Carving Knife.” Apparently, this is what passes for a "knife" in the Naruto universe. Their steaks must be epic. 

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    Gideon From 'The Seven Deadly Sins'

    Photo: A-1 Pictures

    Embedded in a mountain and ostensibly too large for any man to wield, "Gideon" is the name of a huge hammer. Even the giantess who wields this weapon, Diane, is dwarfed in comparison to the thing. Massive doesn’t even begin to cover it.

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