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The Most Impressive Athletes at the Rio Olympics

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The 2016 Olympic Games in Rio have seen many broken records as athletes finally showcasing their talents after years of discipline and training or staging a big return to get the gold once again. Even the most amazing Rio Olympics athletes have fallen short of their goals, and sometimes Olympians just don't live up to the hype. Yet some athletes have reached new peaks in human achievement.

Whether it's the rise of gymnast Simon Biles, the crackshot dominance of Kim Rhodes, the superhuman speed of Usain Bolt, or Michael Phelps retiring as the most decorated Olympian of all time, the Rio Olympics has showcased a great number of astonishing athletes. As the games continue, there are potentially more astounding feats yet to come.

This list compiles the cream of the Olympic crop. It is up to you to decide which of these impressive 2016 Olympics athletes is the best among the best. Go, rank, and vote up the Olympians who have amazed you.