27 Insanely Impressive Doodles That Are Truly Mindblowing

When most of us doodle it's just scribbles or 3D boxes. But there are true artists out there who are bored to tears. And during their boredom they're doodling amazing works of art. As seen on the subreddit r/doodles, these artist use post-its and cheap pens to create the coolest works.  


  • 1. Coffee Stain Work Of Art

    Coffee Stain Work Of Art
    Photo: u/tblockbeats / Reddit
  • 2. Amazing Use Of A Post-It

    Amazing Use Of A Post-It
    Photo: u/Killiann_ / Reddit
  • 3. Post-Its Worthy Of Posting

    Post-Its Worthy Of Posting
    Photo: u/bryanthebryan / Reddit
  • 4. Were These The Teachers?

    Were These The Teachers?
    Photo: u/obju / Reddit