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People Are Sharing Evil In-Law Stories That Deserve Their Own Horror Movie

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Over on Reddit, people are sharing their war stories regarding awful in-laws. From evil antics over the holidays to rude behavior all year round, here is a small selection to twisted tales about family by marriage. 

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    'Do Me A Favor And Stop Posting Those Ugly Selfies'

    Posted by u/ShootHerCleverGirl:

    My husband and sister in law have been overweight/obese since they were kids. His mother has been a size 6 her entire adult life. MIL has always used food to replace affection and shame them. There have been times we visited, when she immediately lectured my husband about his weight in regard to their family history of diabetes, then proceeded to push fried food and sweets on him the rest of the visit.

    Last year, tired of struggling to lose weight, my husband decided to get bariatric surgery. MIL made this big show of how she was going to visit and “take care of him” after the surgery. Cool. A week before the surgery, we go to see a comedian near her city, two hours away, and come right home, because my husband is on a pre-op liquid diet, tired, and not up for socializing.

    The day before his surgery, she calls him and tells him she’s upset he came to town without seeing her. He calmly explains why we didn’t visit. She then throws in that she’s also upset we didn’t see her for Easter, a month prior, to which my husband points out she wasn’t even in town for Easter.

    He goes for surgery and I keep her updated, everything goes well. That Friday, when she’s supposed to visit, she tells him she’s in the ER with strep throat and sends a pic of a hospital admission bracelet with no date on it. He calls but she doesn’t answer. That Sunday, she sends him a pic of her painting her house.

    The next week is Mother’s Day, which is a tough day for me because I’m estranged from my own mother and deal with infertility. He calls her to wish her a good day, and she says she’s upset I didn’t call or text her. She actually says, “I know ShootHerCleverGirl doesn’t talk to her mom, but she can wish ME a happy mother’s day!”

    During this entire time, she stops “liking” our pics on Instagram. She starts texting my husband pics of weight loss surgery patients with loose skin, saying that’s what he’ll look like. My husband is losing weight and posting sweaty progress selfies from the gym on Instagram. She texts him, “Do me a favor and stop posting those ugly pictures of yourself.”

    My husband stands up for himself, “I’m sorry you don’t like the pics, but my wife, my friends, and I are proud of my progress and how far I’ve come.”

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      Ditched The Kids When She Got Bored And Didn't Tell The Parents

      Posted by u/Sstrawberies:

      My MIL always complains when she isn't asked to babysit, when me and my husband looked for someone to babysit the kids.

      To me this was an ongoing issues and at times, years ago we did ask her, but she always had other plans.

      Well, this morning I woke up to a swollen and bruised knuckle on my right hand, it hurt a lot, and could barely do anything with my hand, because it hurt to much.

      My husband decided to take me to get it checked out, but being so late to call around to ask someone, we asked my neighbor(close friend of mine), to watch the kids, but she wasn't home, I checked with my mom and she couldn't do it. So my husband asked if he could ask his mom, I told him to have a back up plan if she said no.

      Turns out she said yes, my husband didn't mention me but just told her we had an emergency and needed her to look after the kids. I'm surprised she actually agreed to help out. And thanked her when she arrived.

      Me and husband were gone for two hours, when we got home we found my friend in the living room with the kids. She told us MIL showed up at her door the moment she got home, half an hour after we left, and asked our friend to watch over the kids, because she has been unexpectedly called into work.

      MIL has no job, so I think she just got bored and expected to leave when she wanted to. She didn't even bother to tell us she was leaving either which is what I find even more annoying.

      Not long after she called my husband, and tell him to pay her, for watching the kids. My husband let her know she wasn't getting paid and staying half an hour and expecting other people to watch the kids was unacceptable. She offered, she should have stayed.

      This caused MIL to freak, she told him we were both being selfish and should be thankful for her being there when we needed someone. She didn't do anything wrong.

      My husband told her if she saw no fault in her actions then she no longer could see the kids, or us, and until she realizes her mistake, don't contact him.


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        'She Started A Fist Fight At My Wedding'

        Posted by u/KissMyDupa:

        My ex MIL did several nasty things to me during her reign of terror.

        * Told me that I ruined her son's life because I (yes, me alone) got pregnant.

        * Burned off all my hair while coloring it. I had to get a pixie cut. (She's a licensed cosmetologist).

        * Started a fist fight with my mother at my wedding.

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          Tried To Steal Wife's Medication

          Posted by u/Liar_tuck:

          My mother-in-law is the crazy church lady. Anything and everything can be fixed by going to church more. Only the right kind of Baptist church, mind you. My wife has some pretty bad health issues and MIL thinks she should stop taking her medication and, you guessed it, go to church more. She once tried to steal my wife's meds to "prove" they were just poisons and the wife would be better off without them.

          My mother-in-law is not allowed in our house.

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