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Secret Menu Items
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This is a list of secret In-N-Out menu items. There's a reason why some of these In-N-Out off menu items are even more popular than regular In-N-Out orders -- it makes you feel like part of an exclusive club. What's on the In-N-Out secret menu? Any items on the In-N-Out Burger secret menu list are highly coveted because they make going to the restaurant kind of a cult activity, something only the "cool people" can do. Now everybody can be one of the cool kids.

What's on the secret menu at In-N-Out? The In N Out hidden menu probably the most legendary of hidden menus and if you're not particularly feeling a shake with your burger you can make a stop at Jamba Juice on the way home because the Jamba Juice secret menu items look replenishing! But, if caffeine is what you're looking for I suggest taking a look at the Starbucks secret menu items. Apparently there are so many secrets and not enough time... Enjoy!
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Protein Style

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The ultimate carb-cutter. Trade in the hamburger buns for a lettuce wrap. Your momma will be proud and you can cut at least five minutes off the workout you weren't going to partake in anyway.
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Fries Well Done

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In-N-Out fries so crispy, they taste like potato chips. Yes. Make your neighbor jealous when you sit down with these golden brown sticks of delicious.
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Neapolitan Shake

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Can't decide on a shake? Have 'em all in a Neapolitan Shake. Chocolate, vanilla and strawberry ice cream are all blended together as one.
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Extra Toast

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For an extra crisp bite, get the hamburger bun "extra toast." Leaving them on the grill for just a minute longer does wonders.