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In the Heart of the Sea movie quotes bring the novel of the same name by Nathaniel Philbrick, based on the story that inspired Moby-Dick, to life. The adventure thriller, which follows the whaling ship Essex, was adapted into a screenplay by Charles Leavitt. Directed by Ron Howard, In the Heart of the Sea opened in theaters on November 11, 2015.

In In the Heart of the Sea, it's 1820 and members of the whaling ship Essex, including inexperienced Captain George Pollard, Jr. (Benjamin Walker), First Mate Owen Chase (Chris Hemsworth), Second Mate Matthew Joy (Cillian Murphy) and cabin boy Thomas Nickerson (Tom Holland and Brendan Gleeson), meet one another as they set out on a voyage. While they don't initially all get along, they soon find out that there are much bigger problems ahead.

Thousands of miles off shore, the Essex is hit by a massive and quite angry sperm whale. The ship sinks and leaves the crew members fending for their lives. But it only gets worse from there. The whale continues to attack them and they struggle to stay alive during the three-month period at sea. The men are forced to take unthinkable steps for survival, or at least that's what an old Tom Nickerson later tells author Herman Melville (Ben Whishaw), who would go on to write the tale as Moby-Dick.

In the Heart of the Sea hits theaters alongside other late 2015 blockbusters including The Big Short, Creed, The Danish Girl, and The Good Dinosaur.
Tell Me the Secret of the Essex
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Herman Melville: How does one come to know the sea's dark secrets? Monsters, are they real?I want you to tell me what happened. Tell me the secret of the Essex.
Old Thomas Nickerson: I don't expect you, a writer, to understand, Mr. Melville.
Old Thomas Nickerson: Centuries before, sailors feared sailing off the edge of the earth. But we were headed for the edge of sanity, like we were aberrations, phantoms. Trust gave way to doubt. Hope to superstition. We were cursed.
Herman Melville: So it's true?
Old Thomas Nickerson: Yes, too much is true.

An old Thomas Nickerson, many years after the adventure, tells the story of the Essex to writer Herman Melville. Much is hard to believe, but Melville makes his best attempt to get Thomas to explain either way.
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Promise Me to Come Back
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Peggy: I married a whaleman.
Owen Chase: A whaleman who loves you
Peggy: Promise me to come back.
Owen Chase: I promise. I'll come back as quick as the sun is night. I swear.

Peggy knows that Owen's profession in itself is dangerous and begs him to promise to return from this voyage. Owen cannot truly know if he will return, but promises his wife that he will anyway.
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What Offense Did We Give God?
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Owen Chase: Look where we find ourselves. What offense did we give God to upset him so?

Owen Chase wonders why he and the rest of the Essex crew are being punished by God by being left at sea for months. He wonders what they did to deserve this, what would cause the enraged sperm whale to attack them so relentlessly. God does not immediately reply.
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We Might Also Survive
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Captain George Pollard, Jr.: Abandon ship!
Owen Chase: We can't row away home!
Captain George Pollard, Jr.: We will surely perish out there.
Owen Chase: We might also survive.

The captain and first mate disagree on what they need to do after a giant whale sinks their ship. Captain Pollard urges them to flee but Owen Chase reminds him that they're thousands of miles from home in the ocean.
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