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11 Historically Inaccurate Details From History Channel's 'Vikings'

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When viewers are watching a film or TV show, they really shouldn’t take for granted the “reality” presented in its plot. Actually, you would have to be really naive to do so. However, there are times when you really don’t know if you should believe what you’re seeing or not, especially if the channel you’re watching is has "History" in its name. One such case is the History Channel’s Vikings, a historical drama that is supposed to be loosely based on facts and Norse sagas.

Despite the undeniably awesome action, the great acting, and the success of the show, there are some hilarious inaccuracies and stereotypical tropes that any history buff can easily spot. Does this mean that the show isn’t good? Hell no! The show is truly good, and if it hasn’t gotten your attention yet, be advised that you should start watching it immediately. Just make sure you don’t take everything you see in the series literally because, as the following list shows, there are issues with the historical authenticity of the plot at times. Don't forget to also check out our list of shows like Vikings.

  • Rollo And Ragnar Probably Never Met And Were Definitely Not Brothers

  • The Vikings Wore Helmets That The Show Totally Ignores

  • The Vikings Didn’t Call Each Other “Viking”

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  • The Show’s Geography Is All Over The Place (Except Its Actual Location)

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