19 Examples of Dirty Bathroom Graffiti That Makes Pooping Entertaining

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In life, the writing is usually on the wall and this is especially true in public bathrooms. They're the one place where potty humor is socially acceptable because. . . well, because you're in the bathroom. If you're going to experience true bathroom graffiti, it might as well be the dirty kind, right? It's time to take off your maturity hat and experience some sh*ts and giggles from extremely inappropriate bathroom graffiti. These photos are guaranteed to tickle your funny bone and maybe your prostate too.

There's something about the anonymity of a bathroom stall that encourages people to admit insanely personal and gross things. From the guy who just pooped his pants to anonymous bathroom-goer who loves the power of a good fart - these people are kind of nasty and proud of it. Read on for some PG-13 bathroom humor and leave us a comment to tell us the most inappropriate thing you've ever seen written on a bathroom wall.