Fun Old Cameos In Movies And TV Shows That Make You Cringe Now

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The history of film and television is rife with cringe-worthy celebrity cameos. But there are varying degrees of drop-in awfulness, and bad celebrity cameos are certainly better than regrettable celebrity cameos. The list of fun celebrity cameos that later became awful is surprisingly long, with countless filmmakers and showrunners completely unaware until years after the fact that they’d inserted outright monsters into their projects.

Time has a habit of airing even the most rich and powerful individuals’ greatest secrets, and thus time also has a habit of greatly tarnishing the reputations of certain celebrities. By sheer coincidence, a number of these famous and shamed folks happened to guest-spot in movies and on TV shows, rendering those properties forever awkward to re-watch.

When a celebrity who has committed awful acts stars in a film or show, viewers can easily avoid seeing that individual by avoiding their work. However, cameo appearances often happen without warning, meaning that one never knows when the Harvey Weinsteins, Bill Cosbys, or Jared Fogles of the world are going to pop out of nowhere and ruin a perfectly good piece of entertainment.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons (CC-BY)