Total Nerd The 20 Most Insanely Inappropriate Outfits In The History Of Gaming  

Robert Carnevale
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As video game artists and their corporate executive overlords target the medium's biggest demographics, teenage and adult males, not only is basic clothing logic thrown out the window, but so is most of the digital fabric that makes up those clothes. This leaves gamers with legendary soldiers of fortune who've been snuggled into tight slingshot leotards solely for the purpose of ogling, or hardcore crime simulator protagonists wearing banana jumpsuits because it'd make for a cheesy kung fu movie reference. 

Ultimately, all manner of common sense gets thrown out the window in the video game world when it comes to clothing, leaving most characters half-naked or in costumes so ridiculous that nudity would be far more preferable.

In a medium so densely packed with such ridiculous fashion, gamers are left to wonder: What are the absolute worst offenders? Which game characters transcend their peers in logic-defying costume choices and earn the title of "most inappropriate?"

Below are just a handful of inappropriate gaming outfits from titles both old and new. Select the best by voting up the most ridiculously revealing costumes. 

Ivy is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list The 20 Most Insanely Inappropriate Outfits In The History Of Gaming
Photo:  Bandai-Namco

This one really doesn't need any explanation at all, but we'll go through it anyway. Ivy Valentine is a fighter from the Soulcalibur series, one who's routinely up against opponents with massive, sharp swords. Wearing a piece of twine that's already set to snap due to her ridiculous breast-size probably isn't going to be of much help when defending against gargantuan blades that can cut through bones with ease – let alone the thin piece of fabric covering her nether regions.

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Cammy is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list The 20 Most Insanely Inappropriate Outfits In The History Of Gaming
Photo:  Capcom

Serving as part of the elite British Special Forces, Cammy reminds players of her tactical upbringing via her bare ass and fully exposed cleavage – areas any good soldier should expose voluntarily.

Oh, wait, what's that? No soldier in the battle of Dunkirk was waltzing around half naked during conflict with the enemy? Yikes. Capcom might want to reconsider which of their female Street Fighter characters they choose to have traipsing around in the buff. We've already got Laura, thank you very much.

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Every Saints Row Outfit

Every Saints Row Outfit is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list The 20 Most Insanely Inappropriate Outfits In The History Of Gaming
Photo:  Deep Silver

Like Skyrim, Saints Row doesn't stop you once you've dressed down your character to nothing but underwear. You can take it further and have characters go naked, or even dress them in dominatrix outfits if you want.

This is allowed in a few Saints Row titles, mind you, including Saints Row 4 – AKA the game in which you fight off an alien invasion as the President of the United States

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Custom Skyrim Hero Dress-Downs

Custom Skyrim Hero Dress-Downs is listed (or ranked) 4 on the list The 20 Most Insanely Inappropriate Outfits In The History Of Gaming
Photo:  Bethesda

While this particular game's tango with inappropriateness is partially subject to factors outside the developers' control – i.e. community mods – the fact is Bethesda's own vanilla game does allow you to be 99% naked. Whether male or female, you can walk around as the Dovahkiin in nothing but a loincloth, should you so choose.

Can we just admit that's ridiculous, people? You're fighting dragons who breath fire, undead zombies, and bears in this game. Put some fire-retardent clothes on.

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