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Inappropriate Rocko’s Modern Life Jokes That Went Right Over Your Head

In the '90s, it wasn't uncommon for children's cartoons to have some inappropriate jokes. In almost every series, you can find some type of adult humor. Animaniacs had some jokes that were aimed at parents, and The Ren & Stimpy Show was often outrageous, but there were plenty of adult jokes in Rocko's Modern Life. You may have been too young to understand it then, but now that you're older, wiser, and more corrupted, you can appreciate the full scope of the humor on Rocko's Modern Life.

From sexual innuendos to jokes about J.F.K., there were plenty of references that you probably didn't understand as a kid. So treat this list as an eye-opening experience and vote up the most surprising - and inappropriate - Rocko's Modern Life jokes.
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    Rocko's "Phone Operator" Job

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    Rocko discovers a job that's described in the newspaper as a "specialty phone operator." We see Rocko in a cubicle at this job and hear him saying, "Oh baby, oh baby, oh baby." Additionally, the posters in the background make it evident that Rocko is a phone sex operator.

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    Rocko's EyeBALLS

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    In one episode, Rocko visits a doctor who cups his eyeballs and requests that he cough, as a physician does when holding a man's testicles during a physical. Can you guess the doctor's name? That's right, it's Bendova! Oh, and the doctor puts on a latex glove, and when Rocko exits, he's walking... funny.
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    In the episode "Love Spanked," we see ride called the "Tunnel-O-Love." A couple enters the tunnel and when they come out the other side they have kids in their boat.
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    Jacking It

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    In the second season episode "Tickled Pinky," Rocko and Heffer go to a jackhammer festival, and the sign reads, "JACK ALL-U-WANT."
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