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Dirty Rugrats Jokes That Probably Went Right Over Your Head

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The Rugrats was one of, if not the most popular kids cartoon during the 1990s. While the series is known for having plenty of moments that terrified kids, it also had its fair share of inappropriate Rugrats jokes. Back then, finding subtle adult jokes in cartoons wasn’t uncommon, but for some reason, dirty Rugrats jokes seem to have flown under the radar – until now. This list includes some of the adult jokes from the show that probably went straight over your head at the time. Now that you're older, you can finally understand what your parents were laughing about as you watched Tommy, Chuckie, and the gang go on their adventures.
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    Stu invents Mr. Boppo, a punching toy for the kids. Tommy gives it to Chuckie, who enjoys it a great deal at first. At one point, Phil makes the comment that a kid Chuckie’s age should be playing with friends, not along in his room “bopping his Boppo.” That phrase, “bopping his Boppo” can clearly be taken inappropriately. 
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    Tommy and the Chinese Finger Trap

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    On season five’s “Fugitive Tommy,” there’s a moment where Tommy says he needs something hard and thin to get the Chinese finger trap off. He puts his hand in his diaper… to get a screwdriver. But you know what the writers were thinking.
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    Angelica’s Mom’s “You Know What They Say” Moment

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    When debating what the gender of Didi’s baby will be, Angelica’s mom believes it’ll be a boy and says, “You know what they say, born under Venus, look for a—hello?” as she’s interrupted by a phone call.
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    Grandpa Rents Some Inappropriate Movies

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    Grandpa Lou rents some movies for the babies that consist of fun kid-friendly entertainment, but then he says he got Lonely Space Vixens for himself. The title suggests Grandpa Lou's late night film is an adult movie, which no child would’ve realized at the time, though it’s pretty blatant as an adult.
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