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People Reveal The Most Inappropriate Things They’ve Experienced At Funerals

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At some point in our lives, we've likely all witnessed inappropriate funeral behavior. From toilet talk to singing questionable songs to squabbling over money and possessions, sometimes the worst comes out in people who are in mourning. The following tales of rude funeral experiences will have you laughing and face-palming in equal measure, and may just hit very close to home.

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    A Woman Posted To Facebook During The Eulogy

    From Redditor /u/terranotfirma:

    Woman at my friend's mother's funeral was posting on Facebook during the time my friend was eulogizing her mom. My husband asked her to put her phone away. They got into a quiet but noticeable spat. It was awkward.

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    She Came To The Funeral Just To Flirt

    From Redditor /u/devoricpiano:

    This girl who my best friend hooked up with once (but didn't want to date) pretended she knew a friend of ours that had died so she could come and hit on my best friend during the funeral. So f*cking awkward.

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    Their Boyfriend Asked Their Uncle To Fix His Car

    From Redditor /u/tatertotpixie:

    At my dad's funeral the guy I was dating asked my car savvy uncle, who had just lost his brother, if he could come look at a flickering light inside his car. Broke up with him the day after the funeral.

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    The Humanist Officiant Ruined The Funeral

    From Redditor /u/howdeho:

    My "uncle" (read: paternal aunt's boyfriend) wasn't very religious and asked for a humanist service before cremation.

    The humanist guy turned up 40 minutes late, admitted he'd forgotten his notes, got the deceased's name wrong multiple times and when he realised the whole thing was totally unsalvageable, turned to the coffin and said: "Well at least he won't mind. He's dead."

    Capped off by the brother of the deceased tiring of the whole mess and yelling: "Just push the f*cking button and burn him."