offbeat The 50 Most Gratuitous Food Porn Pics  

Ron Mexico
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This is a list of phallic food items, sexually suggestive carrots, cucumbers, and more funny pics of food items shaped like a penis, a butt, vagina, and much more. Sometimes even the most mundane items can become giggle-worthy (albeit inappropriate). 

Ever go to the grocery store with friends or, worse yet, family, and discover a new fruit or vegetable? You excitedly look over this potentially delicious little morsel, when suddenly, to your horror (or distasteful delight), at just the right angle it has become much, much more! It's not every day when you go to the store and find a carrot that looks like a penis. 

Each and every one of these photos is completely innocent. Just some pictures of food stuffs.

But sometimes foods are shaped like... well, you'll see. And sometimes it's just our perverse, runaway imaginations. Whatever the case may be, these wonders of science and nature (and immaturity) have developed. Enjoy the most inappropriately shaped foods!

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