Unspeakable Times

People Describe The Most Horrendous Crimes They’ve Been Victims Of  

Jessika M. Thomas
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Almost everyone has an unfortunate story about falling victim to crime. For some, talking about the situation can be too difficult, but for others, it can be therapeutic to describe the worst crimes they've experienced. From being carjacked to surviving shootings, people have gone through some pretty terrifying incidents. Anyone from exes to complete strangers are capable of carrying out horrific offenses. In a few of these shocking stories, the victims narrowly escaped death and have lasting disabilities as a result. These true stories from Reddit are pretty disturbing, but fortunately we know the ending to all of them: the victims persevered and fortunately lived to tell the tale.

She Was Kidnapped By Her Grandmother

From Redditor /u/Morttoss:

"I was kidnapped as a toddler. My mom was a teenager when she had me, and her mom was convinced that she wouldn't be able to care for me. She insisted that my mom allow her to adopt me. My mom, having suffered years of abuse by her mom — including being pimped out to a violent rapist as a child — told her to f*ck off. Lawyers got involved, CPS got involved. Thankfully, CPS saw that my mom was taking excellent care of me. [They] saw my grandmother's extensive file with them, and refused to hand me over. A few weeks later my grandfather, who my mom was still on speaking terms with, asked my mom for permission to take me to the park. My mom agreed on the condition that my grandmother not be there. You can guess what happened. My grandparents immediately took me into Mexico. By the time my mom realized something was wrong we were already across the border. My mom called the police, who immediately told her there was nothing they could do. She called the Tijuana police, who told her that an American baby was not their problem.

About two weeks later my mom got a call from her sister's husband, informing her that my grandparents were back in town to get some things from their house and to run errands, so they dropped me off with them. My aunt was on my grandparents side and refused to tell my mom, so her husband snuck out to call. My parents by this point had formed a small group with my dad's friends and were about to leave to kidnap me back, so they all rushed over to my aunt's house instead. The guys broke down the door and held all three of my aunts back until my mom found me in a bedroom and got me out of there. I know what kind of woman my grandmother was, so I'm terrified to think about what would have happened if my parents hadn't gotten me back."

Her Stepmom Falsified A DNA Test

From Redditor /u/Lunatyc84:

"Found my biological father after years of searching. After a few years of building a relationship he started talking about wanting to put me in his will. His wife at the time suggested a paternity test just to be sure. Got one of the cheek swab ones. The thing comes with three swabs. After he and I swabbed, she packed it all up and went into town to mail it in. The test came back negative. I was living with them at the time due to financial trouble. She kicked me out.

A few weeks later, she went psycho and during her episode admitted she replaced my swab with her own. Yeah, he's my father."

Her Boyfriend Tried To Kill Her

From Redditor /u/Sundaypie:

"To make a long story short, my now ex-boyfriend beat me, threw me in the back of my car, and purposely crashed it in an attempt to kill me. He almost succeeded. I was nearly paralyzed, was in the ICU for a few days, and couldn't walk for like six months. I'm now disabled, likely for life. It's hard for me to walk. PT didn't help.

Can't stand for very long at all and can't walk very far or I'll be in extreme pain."

They Were Carjacked And Robbed

From Redditor /u/Paroxysm80:

"Carjacking, but they kept us inside the car while they sat in the backseat trying to figure out what to do with us. I was pretty sure they were going to kill us. They pistol whipped the ever living hell out of my buddy sitting in the passenger seat and robbed us. Eventually, we talked them into just getting out and accepting the cash they had.

Funny thing, though. These two guys were so cracked out of their skulls that one of them didn't recognize me. I rode the school bus with the guy for years. It made it pretty damn easy to just go to the police station and give up his name and home address."